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ISO 9001:2015 Verified 

SEDEX Verified Unit 

Handicrafts have been an integral part of society for several reasons, despite various technologies and changes in society have come in trend. Handicrafts are basically defined as handmade goods made using hand art and skills. Macrame in India are being made from centuries and people around the world love these. We being leading Indian Macrame manufacturers, avail a wide array of beautiful handmade crafts.

India is a country of diversities. People from different religions and cultures live here. Artisans and weavers use eco-friendly materials to make their products that provide an alternative to the products produced by the industry.

Skilled artisans and weavers from India make various crafts that showcase their culture and talent. Our Company  serves as a platform to showcase their handicrafts, handlooms, art, culture, and rich heritage to the entire  world .

We are situated at Delhi, India and export our amazing macrame handcraft  throughout the world. We are leading Macrame exporters in India , availing a wide array of craft items. We Manufacture many types of handmade items like Macrame wall art  ,Cushion Cover  , Macrame Curtains  etc


All work is performed by highly trained  and experienced craftsmen to insure perfect finish at first time. We have a large team of skilled worker which means we can handle all your jobs, no matter how small or large, quickly and efficiently.


Our mission to provide our customers quality macrame products, competitive prices, and consistent service. We are dedicated to our customer needs and committed to their satisfaction.

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